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Update:  Jan 7, 2019

Church Family

2019 is going to be a very busy year for the pastor’s search committee.  We are busy going over our shorter list of applicants and plan to narrow the list this month.  We have excellent men on the list.  We must trust God to continue to lead us forward.  There have been many excellent men who have applied but are not right at this time for MGBC.

We are searching for God’s man in God’s time.

We continue to require your prayers and support.  We have tried to give you information regularly and will continue to do so.  If you have any questions or concerns please call me or email me or catch me in the foyer after church or hand me a letter.  Whatever feels right to you.  I will be happy to talk with any group that wishes an update.

Roy Emond, for the Pastor Search Committee



Update:  Dec 13, 2018

The Pastor Search has entered into a new and exciting phase.

We have looked at all the applications and have narrowed them down from 186 to 42.   Now all members of the committee will look at every application.

Also the 42 men have answered a questionnaire to give us further insight into their ministries.  Continue to pray for the committee that we continue to seek God in this process.

Update:  November 5, 2018

“We are approaching the end of our ’40 days of seeking’ as the position closes on November 9th.  We have received a vast number of resumes, over 175 and the next task is daunting.  Starting November 11, the committee members will begin reviewing each application resume.  Each resume will be independently evaluated twice with the goal of reducing the number significantly.  The goal is to come up with around 40 which we like look at more closely as the entire committee.  Each person who is not selected in this round will be notified so they are aware of their status in the process.  We expect this process to last 30 days.

I know you have been praying for our committee but in this period it is essential that you continue to support these fine brothers and sisters.  This will be the most difficult portion as each individual considers all these excellent candidates and selects the best ones.

We are working to discover the man God has already ordained to become our next pastor.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns please contact me directly.  I am striving to be a good steward of the task the church has laid upon me and the other members of the committee.

In Christ Alone,

Roy Emond, Search Committee Chair  – Contact Information Above


Update:  October 20, 2018

We have finished the survey of the congregation and compiled the data.  The results of the survey will help the search committee as they prayerfully review the applications and resumes that we receive.  We are now in a 40 day season of receiving resumes from men who are interested in the position.  The end of the 40 days is November 9th.  While we may continue to receive some responses, this will mark the beginning of the evaluation process.  Each resume will be reviewed by two committee members independently.  We will then begin the process of narrowing down the field.  It is crucial that our people join in pray with the committee members.  We are trusting God to guide us as you are trusting us to be led by His Spirit.  


If anyone has any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me.  I will be happy to talk with you or with a group that might want some more information.  


Please direct questions to members of the committee and most of all keep us in prayer.

Members of the Committee:

Roy Emond – Chair

Tina Brock – Jim Gramlich – Gwendolyn Leonard – Tony McFarlane – Horace Nealy – Susan Shields – Steve Turo – Ray Winstead



Resume final date to receive:  Nov 9, 2018

Myrtle Grove Baptist Church is in the process of calling a Senior Pastor by mid 2019

Our situation is unique in that our current senior pastor is planning to transition from MGBC at or around the above date.

Our Pastor Search Committee has been created and is active.  All questions, comments and inquires should be directed to the members of the committee and specifically to Committee Chair Roy Emond

Resumes should be submitted either by E-Mail (the preferred method) to:

myrtlegrovepastorsearch @

or by USPS to:

Pastor Search Committee Chair  Attention Roy Emond

6241 Spanish Oak Ct.

Pensacola, fl 32526

Phone:  850-982-8914