MYRTLE GROVE BAPTIST CHURCH  5920 Lillian Highway, Pensacola, FL 32506 -- 850-455-7389 MINUTES OF THE REGULAR BUSINESS MEETING ON September 24, 2014 The   Regular   Business   Meeting   was   held   on   September   24,   2014,   at   6:00pm.      The   meeting   was   held   in   the   fellowship   hall and was opened in prayer. CLERK’S   BUSINESS:      Bonnie   Quinley   presented   the   minutes   of   the   August   20,   2014,   Regular   Business   Meeting   as   printed   in the    September    Business    Meeting    package.        Motion    to    approve    by    George    Butler    and    seconded    by    Tonya    Hayes.      APPROVED by show of hands.  Requests for Letters of church membership:   for   August From:      Union   Chapel   Baptist   Church,   Beaverton,   Alabama,   for   letters   of   Bob   &   Charlene   Taylor.      Motion   to   approve   by   Ray Linnville and seconded by Joe Mahuron.  APPROVED by show of hands. New members to be approved:  for August   Profession of Faith:  Wendy O'Steen, Denise Burgess Statement of Faith:   Christen Booker, Christina Bauer, Jonathan May, Charles Ford, Thomas Welch Letter:   None Motion to approve by Morgan Miller and seconded by Ron Lowe.  APPROVED  by show of hands.  TREASURER’S   REPORT:    Cami   Simmons   presented   the   Financial   Report   for   August   as   presented   in   the   September   Business Meeting package.   Motion to approve by Tony McFarlane and seconded by George Butler.  APPROVED by show of hands. Cami   also   presented   recommendations   from   the   Finance   Committee   for   the   transfer   of   funds   from   inactive   accounts   as follows:  1. Transfer from Handicap Access for Butler Chapel $1,372.79.  Transfer to Capitol Escrow/Building Fund. 2.  Transfer from FLC Skates $25.24.  Transfer to Children's Ministries.    APPROVED by show of hands. COMMITTEE REPORTS:  NEW BUSINESS:  Committee-on-Committees:  John Bonelli presented recommendations from the Committee as follows: 1. Add Horace Nealy to Finance Committee. APPROVED by show of hands. 2. Add Tony McFarlane to Personnel Committee.  APPROVED  by show of hands. OLD BUSINESS:  None ANNOUNCEMENTS:      The   annual   meeting   of   the   Pensacola   Bay   Baptist   Association   will   be   held      Thursday,   October   16,   2014. There   will   be   dinner   served   at   5:30   pm.   Joe   and   Gerry   Lynn   Cato   wish   to   attend   as   messengers   from   Myrtle   Grove   Baptist Church. APPROVED  by show of hands.  The Myrtle Grove Baptist Church staff will attend.    ADJOURNMENT:  Motion to adjourn by John Bonelli and seconded by Tony McFarlane.  APPROVED  by show of hands.  _____________________________ ____________________________ Bonnie Quinley, Church Clerk Ron Lentine, Moderator