MYRTLE GROVE BAPTIST CHURCH  5920 Lillian Highway, Pensacola, FL 32506 -- 850-455-7389 MINUTES OF THE REGULAR BUSINESS MEETING ON August 20, 2014 The   Regular   Business   Meeting   was   held   on   August   20,   2014,   at   6:00pm.      The   meeting   was   held   in   the   fellowship   hall   and   was opened in prayer. CLERK’S   BUSINESS:      Bonnie   Quinley   presented   the   minutes   of   the   July   30,   2014,   Regular   Business   Meeting   as   printed   in   the   August Business Meeting package.  Motion to approve by Tony McFarlane and seconded by Jim Taylor.  APPROVED by show of hands.  Requests for Letters of church membership:   for   August None New members to be approved:  for August   Profession of Faith:  Corinne Lammons, Shelby Holt, Cody Holt, Brielle Voorhees, Timothy Stokes, Jodie Stokes, Isaiah Croon. Statement of Faith:   None Letter:   None Motion to approve by David Mason and seconded by Ron Lowe.  APPROVED  by show of hands.  TREASURER’S REPORT:  Richard Main presented the Financial Report for July as presented in the August Business Meeting package.  Motion to approve by Tony McFarlane and seconded by Morgan Miller.  APPROVED by show of hands. COMMITTEE REPORTS:  OLD   BUSINESS:      Morgan   Miller   asked   about   the   results   of   the   Deacon/Yokefellow   recommendation   presented   by   John    Bonelli   at last   month's   meeting.      "The   Deacons   and   Yokefellows   of   Myrtle   Grove   Baptist   Church   recommend   the   following   men   to   serve   as deacons   or   yokefellows   beginning   September   1,   2014.      They   will   serve   for   (3)   three   years.      Bill   Crouch,   yokefellow,   Roland   Koomen, yokefellow,   Ron   Lowe,   Yokefellow,   Kevin   Simmons,   deacon,   Robert   Smith,   deacon,   Kevin   Williams,   deacon,   and   Rondall   Youmans, deacon."      Vote   was   taken   by   ballot   at   last   month's   meeting.      The   results   of   the   secret   ballot   was   that   the   above-mentioned   persons were elected to serve a 3-year term as Deacons/Yokefellows. NEW BUSINESS:  Committee-on-Committees:      John   Bonelli   presented   a   recommendation   to   add   Carol   Guilford   and   Ron   Lowe   to   the   Finance Committee.  APPROVED by show of hands.  Nominating   Committee:       Chris   Larsen   presented   the   recommendation   for   approval   of   the   Myrtle   Grove   Baptist   Church   Booklet   of Workers   for   2014-2015,      Note   need   to   add   Tisa   Lucas   as   Leader   of   Acteens   and   April   Rank   as   Leader   of   Children   and   Action.     APPROVED by show of hands.  ADJOURNMENT:  Motion to adjourn by Diana McFarlane and seconded by Shirley Johnston.  APPROVED  by show of hands.  _____________________________ ____________________________ Bonnie Quinley, Church Clerk Ron Lentine, Moderator