MYRTLE GROVE BAPTIST CHURCH 5920 Lillian Highway, Pensacola, FL 32506 – 850-455-7389 MINUTES OF THE REGULAR BUSINESS MEETING ON June 18, 2014 The regular business meeting was held on June 18, 2014, at 6:00pm.  The meeting was held in the worship center and was opened in prayer. CLERK’S   BUSINESS:      Bonnie   Quinley   presented   the   minutes   of   the   May   21,   2014   Regular   Business   Meeting   as   printed   in   the   June   Business Meeting package.  Motion to approve by Jack Windley and seconded by Norman Robertson.  APPROVED by show of hands.  Requests for Letters of church membership:   for May From:  First Baptist Riverview, Riverview, FL, for the letter of Bettye Rusche  Motion to approve by Freddie Zayas and seconded by Ron Lowe.  APPROVED  by show of hands New Members to be approved:  for May Profession of Faith:   Christina Sanchez, Lewis Martinez, Jason Futral, Nathan Burns, Jamie Burns, Elizabeth Rivera, Christvien McKinney Statement of Faith:   None Letter:   Jason Shaeffer, Rebecca Fritschle Motion to approve by Rondall Youmans and seconded by Ron Lowe.  APPROVED  by show of hands.  TREASURER’S   REPORT:    Richard   Main   presented   the   Financial   Report   for   May   as   presented   in   the   June   Business   Meeting   package.      Comment:     Richard   Main:      We   are   down   a   little   bit.      We   are   holding   our   own.      We   are   still   above   the   firewall.      Motion   to   approve   by   John   Bonelli   and seconded by Keely Zayas.  APPROVED by show of hands.    Comment:      Pastor   Ron   Lentine:   I   failed   to   mention   on   the   financial   issue   of   the   Samaratian's   Purse   and   the   Billy   Graham   Organization   that   they are   cutting   a   check   in   the   amount   of   $4,700   to   give   to   Myrtle   Grove   Baptist   Church   to   help   with   any   clean   up   or   additional   expense.      If   we determine that there are any other needs, they will give more money.  They wanted to leave the facilities in the way that they had found them.  COMMITTEE REPORTS:  None OLD BUSINESS:  None NEW BUSINESS:  Florida   Baptist   Disaster   Relief   Committee:      Rondall   Youmans   Presented   a   recommendation   that   we   form   a   clean   up   and   recovery   unit.      We   are asking   support   from   the   church.         This   is   part   of   a   process   that   we   have   not   done   in   the   past.      Virgil   Oldham   has   been   instrumental   in   getting   us on the right track.  Question:          Cheryl    Stacey:      Are   you   talking   about   doing   what   the   Samaratian's   Purse   is   doing   by   having   a   group   of   people   here   to   go   into   homes and tear out and do what they are doing? Answer:       Rondall   Youmans:      Yes,   Florida   Baptist   Disaster   Relief   is   a   large   organization.      We   will   be   one   unit.      We   have   many   units   in   this   county.     A   lot   of   the   Southern   Baptist   churches   have   their   own   units.      We   are   looking   to   form   our   own   unit   to   work   in   our   own   community   and   our   church family, but also work other disasters in other locations.   Question: Jack Windley   Are we talking about buying a truck and equipment to handle the disaster relief?  Answer:      Rondall   Youmans:      Eventually,   we   will   purchase   one   trailer   and   equipment   such   as   chain   saws,   rakes,   etc.   We   will   use   trained volunteers   and   we   have   approximately   seventeen   people   who   are   trained   in   various   areas.      Florida   Baptist   Disaster   Relief   will   also   help   us partner with another church for more manpower to man that unit.  We will not be out there on our own.  Question:   Burt Lampley: What size trailer are we talking about and how much are we talking about spending?  Answer:      Rondall   Youmans:         The   trailer   will   be   about   $4,000.   Then   we   start   accumulating   equipment   such   as   chain   saws,   rakes,   etc.,   that   we have to use to maintain our work.  We are talking about a small trailer that can be pulled by a pickup truck. Question:   Keely Zayas:  Will we be getting any help from the Florida Baptist Disaster Relief Committee? Answer:       Rondall   Youmans:   When   we   sign   it   then   they   will   offer   us   support   and   some   financial   assistance   and   whatever   else   goes   along   with that.  Question:   Donna Goldsby:  What are you calling this?  Answer:   Rondall Youmans:  It is a clean-up and recovery unit. Question: Donna Goldsby:  Would this have to be added to the By-laws? Answer:  Pastor Ron Lentine:  No, this will be under the Missions Committee.  Motion to approve by John Bonelli and seconded by Keely Zayas.  APPROVED  by show of hands. Committee-on-Committees:  John Bonelli presented the following recommendations: 1.   By-laws Committee  :  Add Adolpho DeMontalvo.  This is an ad hoc committee.  APPROVED by show of hands.  2.      Survey   Committee:      John   Bonelli   presented   on   behalf   of   the   Deacon   Body   the   recommendation   that   we   organize   an   ad   hoc   committee   for the   purpose   of   reviewing,   analyzing,   and   reporting   the   results   of   the   recent   church   wide   survey   that   was   conducted   last   year   in   November.      The committee will consist of six members.  The members are listed below: Keenagers    Committee,    Ken    Richmond,    Finance    Committee,    Kevin    Simmons,    Deacons/Yokefellows,    Adolph    DeMontalvo,    Personnel Committee,   Paul   Sauls,   House   and   Grounds   Committee,      Kent   Brock,   Committee-on-Committees,   John   Bonelli,   ex-officio,   Cami   Simmons,   and   ex- officio, Deacon Chairman, Tony McFarlane.  In addition, one representative from the Ministerial Team. In   conclusion,   this   ad   hoc   committee   will   be   charged   with   the   task   of   reviewing   the   results   of   the   surveys;   then   organizing   the   data   to   be presented   in   written   form   to   the   church.      Once   presented,   the   information   will   then   be   dispersed   to   the   appropriate   committees,   organizations, and   ministerial   staff   as   a   guide   and   a   directive   to   help   us   as   a   New   Testament   church   to   become   the   best   and   most   effective   church   for   the   glory of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  APPROVED  by show of hands.  3.  Lord's Supper Committee:  Add   Jo and Don Whiddon.  APPROVED   by show of hands. 4.   Audio/Video Committee:  Add Pat Berry as Chairman.  APPROVED  by show of hands. 5.   Nominating Committee:   Add Ray Linville and Kelly Simmons.  APPROVED  by show of hands. 6.   House and Grounds Committee:  Richard   Solchenberger.  APPROVED   by show of hands. Kent Brock is Chairman of the committee.     ANNOUNCEMENTS:      John   Bonelli   noted   that   there   will   be   a   list   of   committees   in   the   foyer   on   Sunday   where   we   have   vacancies.      Please   sign   up if you are interested in serving.  ADJOURNMENT:  Motion to adjourn by Shirley Johnston and seconded by David Mason.  APPROVED  by show of hands.  _____________________________ ____________________________ Bonnie Quinley, Church Clerk Ron Lentine, Moderator