MYRTLE GROVE BAPTIST CHURCH 5920 Lillian Highway, Pensacola, FL 32506 – 850-455-7389 MINUTES OF THE REGULAR BUSINESS MEETING ON JANUARY 22, 2014 The   regular   business   meeting   was   held   on   January   22,   2014,   at   6:00pm.      The   meeting   was   held   in   the fellowship hall and was opened in prayer. CLERK’S   BUSINESS:       Bonnie   Quinley   presented   the   minutes   of   the   December   18,   2013,   Regular   Business Meeting,   as   printed   in   the   January   Business   Meeting   package .   Motion   to   approve   by   George   Butler   and seconded by Reed Hafer.  APPROVED by show of hands Requests for Letters of Church Membership:  for December:  None New Members to be approved:  for December Baptism:  None  Letter:  Rabon Wilson, Genie Wilson, Donald Whiddon, Betty Whiddon Statement:  Reed Hafer and Linda Jones Motion to approve by Hines McNair and seconded by Tony McFarlane.  APPROVED by show of hands. TREASURER’S   REPORT:    Richard   Main   presented   the   Financial   Report   for   December   as   printed   in   the December   Business   Meeting   package.      Motion   to   approve   by   Jack   Windley   and   seconded   by   George Butler.  APPROVED by show of hands.     Comment:      Richard   Main:      The   month   of   December   ended   really   well.   We   were   actually   100%   (one hundred   percent).      Over   the   entire   year,   we   have   an   excess   of   $53,000.      We   have   been   above   the   firewall number   now   for   many   weeks.      This   is   due   to   faithful   tithes   and   offerings.      The   bank   account   totals   are really good COMMITTEE REPORTS:  None OLD BUSINESS:  None NEW BUSINESS: Committee-on-Committees:      Before   I   bring   the   recommendations,   we   have   openings   on   the   Baptism Committee,    the    Lord’s    Supper    Committee,    and    the    Sound    Committee.        John    Bonelli    presented    the following recommendations from the Committee.  The   Committee   recommends   that   Paul   Sauls   take   a   position   on   the   Personnel   Committee.      Paul   is   a retired   United   States   Marine   Major.      He   has   an   extensive   background   in   personnel   and   writing   and implementing training and procedures manuals.  APPROVED by show of hands. Personnel   Committee:      Johnny   Jernigan    presented   a   recommendation   from   the   Committee   concerning   a short-term   contract   for   the   Myrtle   Grove   Baptist   interim   Youth   Minister   with   the   correction   of   the proposed   salary.      The   salary   should   be   $31,500   instead   of   $31,000   as   was   misprinted   in   the   contract.      The Personnel   Committee   is   recommending   a   contract   for   Brad   Borowski.      You   have   a   copy   of   it   where   you can   see   that   we   spell   out   the   duties   that   we   expect   him   to   carry   out.   This   contract   can   be   terminated   by   a two-week,   written   statement   by   either   party.      It   will   be   a   one-year   contract.      Pastor   Ron   Lentine   highly recommends Brad.  APPROVED by show of hands.  Missions Committee:  Chuck Keistler presented the following recommendations from the Committee.  Comment:  Chuck Keistler:  Many of you may know that the Missions Committee is planning a trip to the Dominican Republic this summer. They have been requested by another church for assistance and we have agreed.  We have ten members who have committed to go on the trip.  The Annual Americas Missions Summit are having their annual summit there this summer.  This includes missionaries from Canada all the way through Central and South America.  Our team will provide Bible school and activities for the children from two through six years old while their parents are in sessions.  They will be working with these children for about ten hours a day.  The trip is going to be costly, from between $2,000 and $2,500 per person, depending on the air fare and room rate.  We are raising funds by the luncheon and silent auction.  Also, if approved by the church, the Committee will have a yard sale in April. 1. The Missions Committee recommends that the church give its permission to conduct a yard sale in April 2014.  All proceeds shall go toward the mission trip to the Dominican Republic this summer.  There shall be no private vendors unless they agree to give all proceeds toward the mission trip.  APPROVED by show of hands.  2. The Missions Committee recommends that the proceeds from funds raised be used to help pay each individual’s expenses as needed for the cost of the mission trip to the Dominican Republic.  APPROVED by show of hands. Question:  Richard Main:  Will this be an equal distribution or as-needed basis? Answer:  It will be to help each individual as needed.  Some have indicated that they do not need assistance.  ADJOURNMENT:  Motion to adjourn by John Bonelli and seconded by George Butler.   APPROVED by show of hands.  _____________________________ ____________________________ Bonnie Quinley, Church Clerk Ron Lentine, Moderator