MYRTLE GROVE BAPTIST CHURCH 5920 Lillian Highway, Pensacola, FL 32506 – 850-455-7389 MINUTES OF THE REGULAR BUSINESS MEETING ON NOVEMBER 20, 2013 The regular business meeting was held on November 20, 2013, at 6:00pm.  The meeting  was held in the fellowship hall and was opened in prayer. CLERK’S BUSINESS:  Bonnie Quinley presented the minutes of the October 23, 2013¸  Regular Business Meeting, as printed in the November Business Meeting package.  Motion to approve by John Bonelli and seconded by George Butler.  APPROVED by show  of hands Requests for Letters of Church Membership:  for October From:  Point Baptist Church, Pensacola, Florida, for letters of Mark and Angie Brill   Motion to approve by Matt Mandrell and seconded by Susan Helton.  APPROVED by  show of hands.  New Members to be approved:  for October Profession of Faith:  Wesley Sheffield Statement of Faith:  None Letter:  None Motion to approve by John Bonelli and seconded by George Butler.  APPROVED by show  of hands.  TREASURER’S REPORT: Richard Main presented the Financial Report for October as  presented in the November Business Meeting package.  Motion to approve by Jack  Windley and seconded by John Bonelli.  APPROVED by show of hands COMMITTEE REPORTS:  None OLD BUSINESS:  None NEW BUSINESS:  Finance Committee:  Richard Main presented the 2014 proposed church budget for  approval by secret ballot.  The budget was approved by a vote count of yes votes 53  (fifty-three) and no votes 5 (five); 91% of votes for approval.     Deacon Recommendations:   John Bonelli presented the following recommendations  from the Deacons  1.  Recommendation that the Wednesday night service on November 27, be cancelled  for Thanksgiving.  APPPROVED by show of hands.  2.  Recommendation concerning security on campus that doors be locked and entry be  by the front door by the office.  APPROVED by show of hands.  3.  Recommendation that in appreciation and support of the staff that the church be  closed for Christmas week.  APPROVED by show of hands.  Missions Committee:  Barbara Thorsen presented a recommendation to set the Lottie  Moon Christmas offering goal at $10,000.  The recommendation was seconded by Susan  Helton.  APPROVED by show of hands. Finance Committee:  Richard Main presented the recommendation to close “For Kids  Only” (designated funds) account. As of today, November 20, 2013, all donations for the  kids backpack program (For Kids Only) should be made directly to Roland Koomen.  The  program will be a sole proprietorship sponsored and managed by Roland.  Checks  should be made payable to “Roland Koomen DBA Food 4 Kids Emerald Coast.”  There is  $1,920.95 in the designated fund.  Question:  Cheryl Stacey:  Will the donations be tax deductible? Answer:  No, not at this time.  Roland is working on setting up a tax-exempt status. Question:  Cheryl Stacey:  Will the church provide drop boxes for the food items?  Answer:  Yes.  APPROVED by show of hands. ANNOUNCEMENTS:   ADJOURNMENT:  Motion to adjourn by George Butler and seconded by Kevin Matt  Mandrell.   APPROVED by show of hands.  _____________________________ ____________________________ Bonnie Quinley, Church Clerk  Ron Lentine, Moderator