MYRTLE GROVE BAPTIST CHURCH 5020 Lillian Highway, Pensacola, FL 32506 – 850-455-7389 MINUTES OF THE REGULAR BUSINESS MEETING ON JUNE 19, 2013 The regular business meeting was held on June 19, 2013, at 6:00pm.  The meeting was held in the worship center and was opened in prayer.  CLERK’S BUSINESS: Bonnie Quinley presented the minutes of the May 22, 2013, Regular Business Meeting as printed in the June Business Meeting package.  Motion to approve by Ellen Guerin and seconded by Keeley Zayas.  Requests for letters of church membership:  for May  None New Members to be approved:  For May  Profession of Faith:  None Statement of Faith:  Karen Jones Letter:  None Motion to Approve by Ron Lowe and seconded by Kevin Simmons.  APPROVED by show of hands.  TREASURER’S REPORT:  Shelia Ward presented the Financial Report for May as presented in the June Business Meeting package. Shelia Ward:  You have the summary before you and a breakdown of finances.  I’ll bring it to your attention that at the end of May we did have a $2,000 deficit in our checking account.  I am happy to say that as of Sunday, June 16, 2013, we are well into $79,000 for the month of June.  If you will look at what we had for the month of May, it was $59,000.    Things have changed since we put this paperwork together.  We don’t have an impossible situation.  I want to tell you that up front because we know that with God all things are possible.  I can tell you as Treasurer, and I will say this for Susan too, who would like to be here but she is in Iowa, that we have analyzed and evaluated figures.  Cami has been primarily responsible for generating all those reports, sometimes at a last minutes notice. Kevin Simmons led a prayer for our finances.  Motion to approve by Ellen Guerin and seconded by Ron Lowe.   APPROVED by show of hands.  COMMITTEE REPORTS  Finance Committee: Preface to plan presentation:  Kevin Simmons:  As deacon chairman, I ask that you join the church leadership as we bring this to you and look favorably upon this proposal as it is brought to you.   Shelia Ward presented a short-range plan for changes relating to the firewall.  We have a capital escrow account which is funded by transfer from our general checking account each month.  We then have necessary funds available for necessary repairs and replacements that may come up.  The firewall is a must pay list of items from the general budget.  It serves as a barrier to ensure that purchases outside the firewall are not made before the firewall expenses are met.  In order to meet the budgeted firewall, contributions need to be $69,000 a month to meet our obligation.  This does not include the mission contribution of 14% (state 10%, association 2.5%, in-house transfer 1.5%) or the capital transfer for necessary repairs and replacements.  For the first five months of this year, we averaged $66,000 (rounded off).  So that left us with a deficit of almost $3,000.  When May presented itself, we could not pay the power bill and the missions’ offerings.  The finance committee had the discretion to make an exception for these two items and pay them even when we are under the firewall.  We have been under the firewall since February, but have consistently funded missions and capital escrow until May.  May presented a challenge to meet the expenses of the firewall.  The power bill was paid with emergency funds, so the missions offering and capital escrow transfer was delayed.  The June offering, through this Sunday the 16 th,  totaled $79,850.  This is well over the firewall and will enable the emergency fund to be replenished and the firewall expenses to be paid.  The finance committee has a short-term and long-term plan to address any adjustments in the firewall, dependent upon the level of giving.  The short-term plan is the 10% reduction in the minister’s salary package to ensure firewall expenses are met at the current level of giving.  If you look at the fire wall sheet, you will see that the five ministers’ packages have been reduced by ten percent (10%) which is reflected in the third column. When you look to this column, you can see that our deficit is $137.66 for the month.  On top of that, the Preschool Learning Center (PLC) Committee and leaders have increased their percentage from two and one-half percent (2½%) to five percent (5%) of their tuition income which comes directly to the church.  This is split between utilities and maintenance.  In essence, with the ten percent (10%) reduction in the ministers’ salaries and the increase in the PLC funds to the church, we have covered what has been a problem for the last five months.  What we are recommending is an indefinite reduction because things change and we are not putting a timeline on it.   Should the level of giving be insufficient to fund the fourteen percent (14%) missions and capital escrow transfer, there is a long-term plan that Kevin will explain. We are not willing to make any adjustments without complete peace as a committee that God is leading in that direction.  As a member of Myrtle Grove Baptist Church, we have an opportunity to defray some of these expenses by giving first and secondly by a change in our attitude towards what we fund and what we could do with volunteers.  The recommendation was approved by show of hands. Question:  Cheryl Stacey:  Is this ten percent (10%) off their base pay or their total package?  Are their benefits being affected?  Answer:  Shelia Ward:  It is off their total package.  Question:  How will this affect their insurance? Answer:  The ministers provide their own insurance.  Statement:  Chuck Keistler:  I would like to make a statement.  We have a lot of new members here.  This is not the first time the church has had to delay giving to the missions.  We have had to manage this before.  The financial teams we have had have been able to direct and guide the church along in doing that.  This is not alarming.  We have always met our missions giving and also met our expenses with good management.  During the summer months it gets a little slower sometimes.  This is not the first time we have had to delay this.  This may show a short- fall in the budget but keep in mind too that we are not broke.  We have emergency funds which could be used.  It is not that we are totally in the red.  Our Budget/Finance Committee and the treasurer have to balance these things out.  I appreciate the fact that they are bringing it before the church to let us know what is going on.  Comment:  Shelia Ward:  In reference to what Chuck said, we did use emergency funds.  Our power bill was not late.  We can replenish those funds now as a result of Sunday.  Question:  Dan Drainer:  Will it be possible to reinstate the pastors’ salaries when we have funds available?  Answer:  Shelia Ward:  That is very possible, Dan.  Certainly we did not want to come to this point.  That is why we left it open-ended and indefinite.  That is our hope as a committee as well.  APPROVED by show of hands. Personnel Committee:  Kent Brock presented a recommendation from the Finance Committee regarding the short-term plan for the ten percent 10% reduction in the full-time ministers’ salary package, effective July 1, 2013.  The recommendation was approved by secret ballot with 101 voting yes and 4 voting no.  Deacon’s Committee:   Kevin Simmons presented a recommendation for a long-range plan regarding the firewall. The deacons and yokefellows met with Shelia Ward and she gave a report on what was going on.  We had a long discussion on a long-range plan. At the end of the discussion, we decided that we needed professional assistance.  We agreed unanimously that we would solicit through the Southern Baptist Convention any kind of help we could get from them.  On July 16, 2013, a Florida Baptist Convention consultant, Clarence Hackett, will meet with Myrtle Grove Baptist leadership to evaluate the firewall situation and offer recommendations to the church.  He will forward recommendations back to the church.  We will look at those recommendations as a church and try to solidify some other solutions.  We are asking the church to give suggestions on how we can improve our church.  You can give your ideas to the deacons, yokefellows, or me.  Question:  Gene Mitchell:  Could we move the Wednesday night service into the fellowship hall rather than in the sanctuary.  That would save on the lighting and air conditioning.  We have about fifty (50) people for Wednesday night services.  We want to be able to save money.  This system is designed so it can be reprogrammed to eliminate use of this building on Wednesday night.  Also, we could do the same on Sunday nights.  I would suggest that these two items be started as soon as possible.  Comment:  Chuck Keistler:  This proposal is good.  The church went through something similar in 1994 where the entire church took a look at where we were and where we needed to go.  The deacons actually lead a retreat and came up with some things.   We also had home meetings.  We took the pluses and minuses.  We then had a celebration meeting where we decided with the unity of the church where we wanted to go.  What Kevin is talking about is a process to look at the next two or three years.  This will be a transition process as we look at the needs of the church. Committee-on-Committees:   John Bonelli presented the following recommendations from the Committee-on-Committees: 1. Personnel Committee:   Add Johnny Jernigan and Chuck Keistler to replace two people who rotate off. They will serve a three-year term starting September 1, 2013.  Would like for them to come on now but have no vote until September.  APPROVED by show of hands.  2.  House and Grounds:  Add Jim Helton and Kent Brock to replace two people who rotate off.  They will serve a three-year term starting September 1, 2013.  Would like for them to come on now but have no vote until September.  APPROVED by show of hands.  OLD BUSINESS:  None  NEW BUSINESS:  None ANNOUNCEMENTS:  None ADJOURNMENT:  Motion to adjourn by show of hands. _________________________ _______________________ Bonnie Quinley, Church Clerk Ron Lentine, Moderator