MYRTLE GROVE BAPTIST CHURCH 5920 Lillian Highway, Pensacola, FL 32506 - 850-455-7389 MINUTES OF THE REGULAR BUSINESS MEETING ON January 23, 2012 The regular business meeting was held on January 23, 20121 at 6:00pm.  The meeting was held in the worship center and was opened in prayer.  CLERK’S BUSINESS:  Bonnie Quinley presented the minutes of the December 19, 2012, Regular Business Meeting as printed in the January Business Meeting package.  Motion to approve by Dan Drainer and seconded by Freddie Zayas.  APPROVED by show of hands. Requests for letters of church membership:  For December.  From:  East Brent Baptist Church, Pensacola, Florida for the letter of Vernon Flowers, Jr.  Motion to approve by Tonya Hayes and seconded by Ellen Guerin. APPROVED by show of hands.   New Members to be approved:  For December  Profession of Faith:  None Statement of Faith:  Christine McCann and Justin Jones Letter:  None Motion to approve by Jack Windley and seconded by Ellen Guerin.  APPROVED by show of hands.  TREASURER’S REPORT:    Shelia Ward presented the Financial Report for December in printed form. APPROVED by show of hands.  Comment:  Shelia Ward:  Our report is so much better this year than last at this time.  I know that we had a rough year last year but we seem to have caught up this year.  With the budget being reduced, we could come within the budget this year.  The Finance Committee is presently working on some guidelines for the use of the emergency fund so that we have a clear picture of who approves, what it is actually for, and the usage of the funds.  We haven’t had anything concrete. We want to get this worked out  so there are no issues with it in the future.   Motion to approve by Dan Drainer and seconded by Ellen Guerin.  APPROVED by show of hands.  COMMITTEE REPORTS: None OLD BUSINESS:  None NEW BUSINESS:  Introduction:  Pastor Ron Lentine:  Jeremy Phillips came to me last year in November to tell me that he felt like God has called him and Jamie back to the mission field.  Jeremy told me that Brad Borowski, the young man who preceded him as interim Student Minister, is coming back from seminary to live here in Pensacola.  Jeremy and Brad met when Jeremy first arrived.  Brad stayed over until Jeremy got in pocket.  They became friends and have kept in contact with each other while Brad has been at seminary and Jeremy has been here.    Jeremy said that Brad is open to serve at Myrtle Grove.  Knowing the good job that Brad did, I followed up on that in December.  We met and talked about various possibilities, and he is very open to an interim position before or while we assemble a Search Committee to look for a new Student Minister.  After I met with Brad, I met with the Personnel Committee the end of December to give my voice to them.  They chose to interview Brad on the first Sunday of January.  Two weeks later they voted unanimously to recommend Brad to the church.   I want to share with you how God has worked in this situation.   This is a very rare thing to be able to have your Student Minister still here and on campus and have another young man ready to be presented; someone who has previously served here.  The youth, Bible teachers, youth parents, and the older youth know him and they are excited about this.  I wanted to set that stage so you could see the way in which God works because it is extremely rare that you have that kind of blessing.  Our student teachers and workers are extremely excited because this provides continuity.  Brad would be an interim Student Minister, which means the recommendation is not to hire someone on a permanent basis.  An interim is someone who will step in and do the work of a particular ministry for a time period while a Search Committee is assembled (voted on by the church) where they can search for the person to be in a permanent role in that position.    Committee on Committees:  Horace Nealy presented a recommendation from the Committee on Committees concerning the election of a Student Minister Search Committee as listed below:        Jack Windley, Kathy Lewallyn, Rachel Hirst, Mandy Mandrell, Horace Nealy, Tina Brock APPROVED by show of hands. Personnel Committee: Introduction:  Pastor Ron Lentine:  Brad Borowski grew up in Pensacola.  He attended East Brent Baptist Church (EBBC) his whole life under Dr. Dale Paterson.  Brad’s father currently serves as the chairman of deacons at the EBBC here in Pensacola.  He is a prominent attorney here in city of Pensacola.  Brad is Southern Baptist in doctrine and theology.  Having shared that background,  it is important to know we are getting a Southern Baptist young man.  Kent Brock will give the recommendation from the Personnel Committee.  Kent Brock presented a recommendation from the Personnel Committee concerning hiring Brad Borowski as full-time interim Student Minister at Myrtle Grove Baptist Church.  Secret Ballots were passed out to the church members.  Question:  Freddie Zayas:  I have two quick questions.   I have been here two years and I have not met the young man.  1.  Should we have an opportunity to meet him? We don’t have a face to put with the name.  2.  I know he is a young man.  He is single, I believe.  What measures are we doing to protect his testimony?  Answer:  Pastor Ron Lentine:  Brad is here with us tonight.  Brad served here with us two years ago so most of our youth workers and everyone knows him.  He preached one time during that summer period as well.  Brad is here locally.  If someone would like to meet him, of course he would be on hand to do that.  We can arrange that right after this meeting.  He is getting married March 7, 2013, during this period, Brad will be married.   His fiancée’s name is Sybil.  She met him at the Florida Bible College.   She is as committed and called as he.  There will be those boundaries and guidelines that all of us on our staff in vocational ministry go by.  This would include accountability and various things that are precautions for all of us.  As the supervisor, I insure that those protections are in place.  If anyone would like to meet Brad after the meeting, we can see him.  He is with the students now.  Question:  Burt Lampley:  What will  be the salary? Answer:  Pastor Ron Lentine:  They are going to present that right now.  Dave Keighley will present this recommendation.   Finance Committee: Comment:  Dave Keighley:   The Finance Committee met last week and we reconvened this week to discuss the salary.  As you know, Jeremy is a full-time Youth Minister.  He does have his Master’s degree.  When we compared him to our interim selection. We looked at how closely they compareThe comparisons were such that the Finance Committee was unanimous in offering $35,000 (thirty-five thousand dollars) as an interim.  Jeremy is at $45,000 (forty-five thousand dollars).  We believe that this is a fair rate.  When Brad gets his Master’s degree and if he is still in the interim position, we might revisit this and see if he is entitled to more.  But this being an interim position, we felt comfortable at $35,000 (thirty-five thousand dollars)Dave Keighley presented a recommendation from the Finance Committee concerning setting the salary for Brad Borowski at $35,000 (thirty-five thousand dollars) per year.  Comment:  Pastor Ron Lentine:  One good thing to note is that this is a full-time interim position.  Brad will be assuming all of Jeremy’s functions and duties on a full-time capacity. Comment:  Dave Keighley:  With youth, it is a 24/7- job.  He has to be ready to take calls at any time.  Question:  Court Guerin:  You are talking about him being part-time interim.   Is he going to be included in the search?  Answer:  Pastor Ron Lentine:  He can be, right.  There will be a stack of resumes coming from different agencies. Question:  Helen Bradshaw:  Are we talking about a time-frame when you say full-time interim? Answer:  Pastor Ron Lentine:  What the Personnel Committee talked about in the formal recommendation is that it would be for no more than a year.  It could be under a year if the Search Committee finishes its work sooner.  Question:  Chuck Keistler:  To understand the vote, are we voting for both the full-time, interim Student Minister position and the salary? Answer:  Pastor Ron Lentine: Yes, Chuck, the reason the salary wasn’t on there was the Finance Committee just finished tonight with final deliberations on the salary.  It is for the man and the salary.  . The secret ballot included both the hiring recommendation from the Personnel Committee and the salary recommendation from the Finance Committee  The voting results passed by ninety-five percent (95%).  There were 84 votes, with 80 yes and 4 no.  APPROVED by secret ballot vote. ADJOURNMENT:  Motion to adjourn by Dan Drainer and seconded by Ellen Guerin.  APPROVED by show of hands.  __________________________________ _________________________________ Bonnie Quinley, Church Clerk Ron Lentine, Moderator