MYRTLE GROVE BAPTIST CHURCH 5920 Lillian Highway, Pensacola, FL 32506 - 850-455-7389 MINUTES OF THE REGULAR BUSINESS MEETING ON December 19, 2012    The regular business meeting was held on, December 19, 2012 at 6:00pm.  The meeting was held in the worship  center and was opened in prayer.    CLERK’S BUSINESS:    Betty Scurlock presented the minutes of the November 14, 2012, Regular Business Meeting as printed in the Business Meeting package.  Motion to approve by Wanda Drainer and seconded by Kent Brock.  APPROVED by show of hands. Requests for letters of church membership: November  From:  Hillcrest Baptist Church, Pensacola, FL, for letters of Timothy and Jennifer Nagim.  From:  Circle Baptist Church, Pensacola, FL, for letter of Gracie Vincent.  Motion to approve by Burt Lampley and seconded by Jack Windley.  New Members to be approved:  For November  Profession of Faith:  None Statement of Faith:  None Letter: John & Cheryl Stacey, and Janna Renee’ Ketters Motion to approve by Shirley Johnston and seconded by Joe Mahuron.  APPROVED by show of hands.    TREASURER’S REPORT:    Cami Simmons presented the Financial Report for November as printed in the Business Meeting package. Motion  to approve by Joe Mahuron and seconded by Dan Drainer.  APPROVED by show of hands.    Comment:  Pastor Ron Lentine:  I think as I saw the report from this month, Cami can address that, I believe our  needs for three weeks were $60,000, and I believe we are right at $60,000.  So we are doing real well in  December.  This is even in the midst of the Lottie Moon and all the other giving.  We are having a good month.   This is a five-Sunday month so it looks like we are going to end the year well.  Appreciate your giving.    COMMITTEE REPORTS:  None  OLD BUSINESS:  None  NEW BUSINESS:     1. Introduction: Pastor Ron Lentine:  This is from the Personnel Committee.  We have ballots.  This is for the part-time position of our Praise and Worship leader for the Contemporary worship.  We have a young man who has been serving in an interim capacity for about the past month and half.  His name is Timothy Monk.  The Personnel Committee interviewed Timothy and he has a great resume for a part-time contemporary worship leader.  They are not easy to find because this style of music is a fairly new thing in the body of Christ.  They do have a degree offered now at the Baptist College of Florida in Contemporary Worship.  Of course a lot of young people have come from there.  Timothy Monk has served at Hillcrest Baptist Church; one of our largest churches, (I think almost as large as Olive Baptist Church now).  Their pastor and worship leader from Hillcrest gave positive recommendations, strong for Tim Monk.  Tim served as the worship leader for the middle school worship, now when you say Middle School Worship; you are talking about a hundred young people in their middle school alone at Hillcrest.  Tim mentored younger people for praise and worship during the time he was there.  In addition to that, Tim Monk served as the Worship Leader for the Baptist Campus Ministries.  Their worship is on Thursday night at The University of West Florida.  So Tim has some great experience here.  He served for a few months, interim at the Beulah Baptist Church.  He received strong recommendations all the way around.  The Personnel Committee interviewed Tim, upon my recommendation, and they have voted unanimously to recommend Tim to serve as a part-time Contemporary Worship Leader.  Again, this is something that will be under the supervision of our full-time Worship Leader, Brother Dick Hamel.  Dick and I both are very pleased and enthusiastic about his leading of worship and his demeanor.  Kent will give the official recommendation here.  Kent Brock presented a recommendation from the Personnel Committee concerning hiring a Contemporary Worship Leader (secret ballot). Our Committee, along with our pastor, would like to unanimously recommend to the church that we hire Tim Monk as our new part-time Contemporary Worship Leader.  His salary will be $12,000 ayear.  This money will be taken out of a designated account on the line item for Contemporary Worship.        Question:  Jack Windley:  Is this a temporary position or is this going to be a permanent position for our  church?  Answer:  Pastor Ron Lentine:  Like any staff position, he would come on with no specified term.  It is an  unspecified time period.    Comment:  Joe Mahuron: It has been quite an improvement since Tim came.  I have met and talked with  him a couple of times and he seems like a real nice young man to me.  I do go to Contemporary and we  love to worship in there.  He is a fine, young man.  We enjoy being in there and I surely enjoy him.  He is  going to be a good Worship Leader.  I think it is a good move for us.    The recommendation was approved by secret ballot and passed with a 93% (percent) vote to hire Tim  Monk as the Contemporary Worship Leader.  The secret ballot also included a vote on the  recommendation for hiring church Nursery workers which passed with a 93% (percent) vote.    2. Horace Nealy presented a recommendation to the church from the Committee-on-Committees that we  add the following individual to the Missions Committee.  His name is Virgil Oldham.  APPROVED by  show of hands.   The second committee that we want to fill a vacancy is on the Baptism Committee.  We want to           bring to you the name of Rondall Youmans.  APPROVED by show of hands.  The last committee recommendation is for the By-laws Committee to add Jim Gramlich as a member of  the committee.  APPROVED by show of hands.  3. Future Planning Committee: Pastor Ron Lentine: The committee met and voted unanimously to  recommend to the church that a ministry start in the house on that property which would be the after-  school tutoring ministry.  Jane Bonelli who coordinated this already has a team of thirteen (13) men and  women who have offered to tutor in math and reading for elementary-age young people.  Jane would like  to start this ministry at the end of January.  The principals from both Myrtle Grove Elementary and  Sherwood Elementary are ecstatic upon hearing of the possibility of a ministry like this.  Parents, I am  sure, will be ecstatic.  The price of tutoring now is $20.00 (twenty dollars) an hour.  Through that ministry  our volunteers can reach the moms and dads to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.  The Committee would  like to recommend to the church that we establish an after-school tutoring ministry for math and reading  in the house on our new property.  This ministry would begin next year at the end of January.  This will  not be the only usage of the new house, but will be one of the ministries that will take place in that facility.   The house could be used for Bible study, fellowship gatherings, and other such activities as the church  determines.   Comment:  Jack Windley:  It is important that we have activity in the house before the first of the year  and planned activity after the first in order to affect our taxes on the property.  So we need everyone’s  cooperation if you approve this recommendation.    Question:  Joe Mahuron:  I am just wondering, pastor, how many days a week will they tutor?    Answer:  Pastor Ron Lentine:  Jane is working out the details on that.  She had mentioned something  like two and three days possibly.  She is currently working on all the specifics. We have been in contact  with the Escambia School Board, Malcolm Thomas, with regard to their volunteering equipment. They  have desks, chairs, etc.  There is a great possibility of securing all that for free because this will indeed  serve the children of our Escambia School System.  Question:  Glenda Mahuron:  Will grandchildren of church members be able to use that?   Answer:  Pastor Ron Lentine:  Yes, in fact Jane is excited about that because there are many of our own  members whose elementary-aged children will be able to benefit from this.  APPROVED by show of  hands. 4.  Recommendation:  Pastor Ron Lentine:  In keeping with the church bylaws, I make a recommendation  that we officially cancel our Sunday evening service, this Sunday, December 23.  The reason for this  cancellation is that we will have a Christmas Eve service on Monday night. Motion to approve by Dan  Drainer and seconded by Horace Nealy.  APPROVED by show of hands.  ANNOUNCEMENTS:   None  ADJOURNMENT:  Motion to adjourn by Dan Drainer and seconded by Horace Nealy.    APPROVED by show of hands.  _____________________________              _____________________________  Bonnie Quinley, Church Clerk     Ron Lentine, Moderator