MYRTLE GROVE BAPTIST CHURCH 5920 Lillian Highway, Pensacola, FL 32506 - 850-455-7389 MINUTES OF THE REGULAR BUSINESS MEETING ON August 22, 2012   The regular business meeting was held on August 22, 2012 at 6:00pm.  The meeting was held  in the worship center and was opened in prayer.    CLERK’S BUSINESS:  Bonnie Quinley presented the minutes of the July 18, 2012, Regular Business Meeting as printed in the August Business Meeting package.  APPROVED by show of hands. Requests for letters of church membership:  For July None New Members to be approved:  For July  Profession of Faith:  Rick Caldwell, James Knobloch Statement of Faith:  Billie Elliott, Beka Bentley, Alyssa Bentley Letter: Bill Luescher Motion to approve by show of hands.    TREASURER’S REPORT:  Comment: Shelia Ward:  We are getting closer and closer to meeting our expenses.  Here we  are winding up the summer and our tithes have increased.  I am not sure what is going on other  than God has blessed us and Andrew McNair gave a wonderful presentation on stewardship.  I  think we were all challenged again to pick up if we had dropped the ball.  So thank you again.   Even this month things look better.  We are encouraged as we meet and look at the budget.  It  looks like things will end on a good note for our church.  We are grateful for that.  Shelia Ward presented the Financial Report for July as printed in the August Business Meeting  package. Motion to approve by Bill Crouch and seconded by Kevin Simmons.  APPROVED  by show of hands.    COMMITTEE REPORTS:  None OLD BUSINESS:  None NEW BUSINESS:    Committee-on-CommitteesJim Helton presented the following recommendations from the  Committee-on-Committees for 2012-2013:    1.  Recommended that the Music Committee (currently a Standing Committee*) be changed  to a Special Committee**.   Explanation:  The Music Committee members are not on the rotating system.  APPROVED   by show of hands.    2. Recommended that the Preschool Learning Center Committee (currently a Standing  Committee*) be changed to a Special Committee**.  Explanation:  The Preschool Learning  Center Committee members are not on the rotating system. APPROVED by show of hands.  3. Recommended that the Flower Committee be renamed the Decorating Committee.   Explanation:  Primary duties of this committee are to decorate for special occasions/holidays,  such as, Christmas.  APROVED by show of hands.  4. Recommended that the Special Events Committee (currently a Standing Committee*) be  changed to an Ad Hoc Committee***.  APPROVED by show of hands.    5. Recommended that the Insurance Committee be changed from six (6) members to three (3)  members.  APPROVED by show of hands  6. Recommended that the Van/Bus Committee be changed from six (6) members to three (3)  members.  APPROVED by show of hands.       *Standing Committee members rotate.    **Special Committee members do not rotate.  ***Ad Hoc Committee members are appointed as needed.  Comment:  Donna Goldsby pointed out that the Van/Bus Committee was not on the MGBC  Committee List.   Response: Jim Helton stated that the list would be corrected.  Comment:  Neil Thorsen:  Add Ken Richmond, Becky Richmond and Eula Baumert to  Keenagers Committee.   Comment:  Cami Simmons.  My name has been left off the Preschool Learning Center  Committee.  My name was also left off the Budget and Finance committee.    Response: Jim Helton: We will address those.    Comment:  Donna Goldsby:   Having worked on the By-laws Committee, there is one thing  here that I have noticed.  I can read it to you from the By-laws if there is a question.  Bob  Taylor is on four (4) of these committees and you are supposed to serve on no more than two  (2) committees at a time.     Response:  Jim Helton:  There was going to be a Point Person to address that with all the  chairpersons of the committees.  That Point Person has not been assigned yet.  What we did  with that was we decided that there are five (5) main committees in the church which affect the  business of the church more than anything else.  We applied these rules mostly to those five (5)  committees.  But like I said, two people signed up in two weeks of open committee sign up.  So  we don’t have a lot to work with.  What we were trying to do is to keep the committees as full  as we could.  But you are absolutely right.    Question:  Donna Goldsby:  Does that mean that he is going to be taken off two of the  committees?  No one asked me to fill a committee. I didn’t sign up, but I would be willing to  serve on the Personnel Committee.    Answer:  Jim Helton:  What that actually means is that whoever the chairperson of the  Committee-on-Committees is next month needs to get with you, if you are going to be the Point  Person, and work out these details. Let’s go ahead and get this stuff figured out once and for  all.    Comment:  Donna Goldsby:  There is no chairperson on the Committee-on-committees.  Comment: Jim Helton:  The Committee-on-Committees has not met to elect a chairman. The  Nominating Committee actually selects that committee and they haven’t come together and  decided on a chairperson in that committee.  We will be having the first Committee-on-  Committee meeting with the new people on Sunday at 5:00pm, and they will have a  chairperson then.  I will get that person with you to work out these details.     Question:  Donna Goldsby:  I don’t have to come to the meeting on Sunday?    Answer:  Jim Helton:  You will be perfectly welcome to come to the meeting.  In fact, that  would be very helpful, if you are going to be Point Person.    Question:  Donna Goldsby:  I’m now officially the Point Person for the By-laws?  Question:  Pastor Ron:  Would you like to do that?  Answer:  Donna Goldsby:  Yes, I would.    Answer:  Pastor Ron:  Alright, we will record that Donna Goldsby is Point Person for the  church By-laws.    Comment:  Shelia Ward:  Toni Steele is going to be the chairperson of the Baptismal  Committee.  Rufus had already served his term and Toni is willing to fill that position.    APPROVED by show of hands with input that has been given concerning several issues that  were addressed.  Nominating CommitteeBill Crouch presented the 2012-2013 MGBC Booklet of Workers  for approval.   Question:  Pat Riles:  As the person who does the Sunday school rolls, looking through these,  the 18-22 cooed is that the new class for the college kids?    Answer:  Yes. Question:  Pat Riles:  What are Adult Life Lessons and Adult Gospel Project?  Are those new  classes? Answer:  Chris Larsen:  Those are the classes we had when they were Jim and Susan Helton’s  class.  They are moving to the college group. For the other class, rather than age, we titled it by  curriculum.   The other one is still Pat McCann’s former class.  We have various teachers for  those classes.  One was Jim and Susan’s and the other Pat McCann’s class. They are the same  classes as before but the label is different.  Question:  Pat Riles:  Adult Coeds 35+ is that a name change for Cheryl Null’s Class?  Answer:  Chris Larsen:  That is still Cheryl Null’s class, but just a different teacher.    Question:  Pat Riles:  Is this Young Married Adults (Adult 2)?    Answer:  Chris Larsen:  Yes Question:  Pat Riles:  I thought that Jerry Butler said he was not going to teach anymore.  Has  he decided to teach?  Answer:  Chris Larsen:  He was taking some time off, but I wasn’t sure if he was actually  planning to come back to his class after his medical leave or not.  Gene, do you recall on that?   Yes, he will still be there.    Question: Pat Riles: Children and Toddlers, are those one year olds?  Is that the name of the  class now? Answer:  Chris Larsen:  Yes.  Comment:  Shelia Ward:  Under 3 and pre-K--add Jeanne Lambert, teacher.   APPROVED by show of hands.    Missions CommitteeBarbara Thorsen presented the Maguire State Mission offering goal for  2012-2013 in the amount of $4,000. APPRPOVED by show of hands.    Deacon RecommendationOn behalf of the Deacons, Robert Smith presented a  recommendation for ordination of Craig Bonelli as a pastor. Craig has been a missionary for  about ten years and represents our church well.    Comment:  Pastor Ron:  When Craig went on the field he never requested ordination before.   But there are benefits with ordination, as some of you know.  There are ministerial benefits for  his future.  He is a young man and to have this ordination on his resume will do well even if he  goes on to other things.  Secondly, there are financial benefits, such as various tax benefits, that  would help him with that as well.  APPROVED by show of hands.    Deacon Nominating Committee:  Horace Nealy presented the following men for approval as  new deacons/yokefellows.   Comment:  Horace Nealy:  The Deacon/Yokefellow Nominating Committee is going to give  you ballots tonight.  Dave Keighley, Matt Mandrell, Roland Koomen, Bob Taylor and I  interviewed approximately fourteen (14) men this year to become acting deacons and/or  yokefellows.  We have selected nine (9) men.  If you notice, the ballot doesn’t say yea or nay,  good or bad, yes or no.  It says affirmed.  These men whom we interviewed and are on the list  are wonderful men.  I could use a lot of adjectives, but they are men who have accepted the call  to become deacons and yokefellows and be ministers to support our pastor, to be involved in  church leadership, and to serve the family of members here at Myrtle Grove Baptist Church.  I  am not sure if you know all of these men, and I know that has happened in the past where you  weren’t sure whether to vote yea or nay.  All of the men on the list are not here tonight, but I  would like for the men who are here to stand—Norman, Freddie, and Chester.  Let these folks  take a good look at you.  See they are handsome men.  I want you to know that these men have  been members of our church for a while and they have been serving faithfully, diligently  responsibly, in different areas of the church.  We are proud to nominate them tonight.  If you  have any questions, I am here, ask away.  Question:  Donna Goldsby:  How many are we supposed to mark?    Answer:  Horace Nealy:  We want all nine (9) of these men.  We would like for you to affirm  these men.  If there is someone you don’t know, then of course you probably can’t affirm them.   But these are men who will be serving the church family here at Myrtle Grove Baptist Church.   They will be serving you as deacons and yokefellows.  These are men who are dedicated  Christian men.  They love the Lord, they have served the Lord in churches that they were  members of before they came here.  They continue to serve now that they are members here at  Myrtle Grove Baptist Church.    Comment:  Pastor Ron:  As you get ready to mark the names of the men on the ballot, we are  going to pray.  Then mark the names of the men.  If you don’t know them, if you trust the  deacons and the Nominating Committee and their decision, you can affirm them that way.    Comment:  Horace Nealy:  Before we pray, I need to clarify Donna’s question.  Normally, over  the years, we have had twenty four (24) active deacons and yokefellows.  Because in the past,  we haven’t always had an equal number, which would have been eight, rotating on and off,  each year, we have gotten out of the cycle.  For example, this past year, we did not have twenty  four (24) men serving as active deacons.  That is why there are nine men on the list to give us  the roster we desire.  How many are on the list, Robert, ten?  Okay, I want ten (10) men. The  last name on the list is Chuck Keistler.  Chuck is in Alaska and will be back in October.  Chuck  was not serving as an active deacon this year, so we had to put his name on the list.  Chuck  indicated before he left for Alaska that he would like to come back on this year as an active  deacon.  So if there are ten (10) men on the list that will give us twenty five (25) men.  Horace Nealy lead us in prayer for the vote.    Kent Brock (Ordained Deacon)  Adolfo Demontalvo (Ordained Deacon)  Anthony McFarlane (Ordained Deacon)  Chris Gay (Yokefellow)  Jim Gramlich (Yokefellow)  Ricky Lake (Yokefellow)  Norman Robertson (Yokefellow)  Freddie Zayas (Yokefellow)  Chester Ruth (Deacon) Chuck Keistler (Ordained Deacon)    The vote was taken by secret ballot.    ADJOURNMENT:  Motion to adjourn by John Fields and seconded by Ron Lowe.    APPROVED by show of hands.  _____________________________            _____________________________ Bonnie Quinley, Church Clerk     Ron Lentine, Moderator