MYRTLE GROVE BAPTIST CHURCH 5920 Lillian Highway, Pensacola, FL 32506 - 850-455-7389 MINUTES OF THE REGULAR BUSINESS MEETING ON May 23, 2012 The regular business meeting was held on May 23, 2012 at 6:00pm.  The meeting was held in the  worship center and was opened in prayer.    CLERK’S BUSINESS:    Bonnie Quinley presented the minutes of the April 18, 2012, Regular Business Meeting as  printed in the May Business Meeting package.  Motion to approve by Jack Windley and  seconded by Wanda Drainer.  APPROVED by show of hands.  Requests for letters of church membership:  For April    From:  Immanuel Baptist Church, Pace, Florida, for letters of Richard, Beverly, Mona, and  Nicholas White.  From:  Melbourne First Baptist Church, Melbourne, Florida, for letter of Joy Harris.    From:  Grace Baptist Church, Cartersville, Georgia, for letter of Clara Ann Phillips.  Motion to approve by Ron Lowe and seconded by Ellen Guerin.  New Members to be approved:  For April   Profession of Faith:  Clifford Nolte, Erin Nolte, Christina Eisenhower, Arion Goble, and Jana  Brewer  Statement of Faith:  Mitzi Goodwin  Letter:  Roland Carpenter and Carolyn Carpenter.  Motion to approve by Gene Milstead and seconded by Shirley Johnston.  APPROVED by show  of hands.    TREASURER’S REPORT:      Shelia Ward presented the Financial Report for April in printed form.     Comment:  Shelia Ward:  You can see that we spent quite a bit out of the Capital Escrow.  The  leak in the roof from the old Educational Building to the second floor of the new building has  been repaired.  There was a large sum spent on improvement of new land, which includes the  soccer field, mulch, plumbing and a lot of things like that. This was a big expense outside what  we normally have for this month.  Motion to approve by Robert Smith and seconded by Tanya  Hayes.   APPROVED by show of hands.  Shelia Ward:  The Finance Committee made a recommendationIf you remember last year the  church voted to set aside $10,000 in an escrow account to take care of our insurance deductible  should we have a disaster here.  Our capital escrow fund is growing because money is coming  into the building fund and is being used there as well.  So that we don’t lose sight of what that  $10,000 is for, we would like to move that to a line item in the designated fund to say Insurance  Deductible, if this is okay with the church.    Question:  Court Guerin:  Do you feel the $10,000 is enough?  Answer:  Shelia Ward:  Yes, that is what the deductible is. We changed the insurance premium  and took a higher deductible so we could decrease the payment.  In doing so, our deductible went  up to $10,000. We wanted to make sure that we had that amount available at all times.     APPROVED by show of hands.    COMMITTEE REPORTS:  None  OLD BUSINESS:  None  NEW BUSINESS:  Robert Smith presented the following Deacon’s Report:    -The Deacon retreat held recently at the Baldwin Camp was a success.  We reviewed present  practices and thoughts on the extended Lord’s Supper.  We are convinced that this is an essential  service to our shut-ins and others who are unable to attend regular worship services.  Our  Deacons and Yokefellows will continue serving the Lord’s Supper at regular services and  eagerly take the ordinance to our homebound folks.    -Scott Egstad led in a review of our Church Covenant, constitution, and By-Laws.  The church  By-Laws are being up-dated by a committee and will be presented to the church for approval  later.    -Our deacons are continuing to carry out our service to the Lord and the Myrtle Grove Baptist  Church.  We will be introducing our individual deacons as they lead in the offering prayer during  regular church services.    Motion Presented:  Robert Smith presented the following motion:  At this time, on behalf of our  pastor and the deacons, I would like to present our committee of three deacons to serve as the  nominating committee for fiscal year 2012-2013.  The following names are presented to the  church for your approval:  Horace Nealy, Chairman  Anthony Bennett, Member  Roland Kooman, Member    In addition to these three, Dave Keighley, Robert Taylor and Matt Mandrell will serve as  alternates.  The alternates will serve with the committee in seeking the best potential deacons and  yokefellows to serve the church for next year.  This committee will be soliciting nominations  from church members during the month of June.  We hope to hold elections shortly thereafter.  This committee will be keeping the church informed as to its progress.    APPROVED by show of hands.    ANNOUNCEMENTS:  None  ADJOURNMENT:  Motion to adjourn by Ellen Guerin and seconded by Matt Mandrell.    APPROVED by show of hands.    __________________________________ _________________________________ Bonnie Quinley, Church Clerk  Ron Lentine, Moderator