MYRTLE GROVE BAPTIST CHURCH 5920 Lillian Highway, Pensacola, FL 32506 – 850-455-7389 MINUTES OF THE REGULAR BUSINESS MEETING ON February 22, 2012 The regular business meeting was held on February 22, 2012 at 6:00pm.  The meeting was  held in the worship center and was opened in prayer. CLERK’S BUSINESS:  Bonnie Quinley presented the minutes of the January 18, 2012, Regular Business Meeting  as printed in the February Business Meeting package.  Motion to approve by Ellen Guerin  and seconded by Ron Lowe.  APPROVED by show of hands.  Requests for Letters of Church Membership:   January None  New members to be approved: January: Profession of Faith:  None  Statement:   None Letter:   None . TREASURER’S REPORT:  Shelia Ward presented the Financial Report for January in printed  form.  Comment:   This was the news we have been waiting for, of course.  How many years have  we been waiting on that news?  We thank God that His timing is perfect.  Our note was due  this week and was paid in full. We have excess monies as well.  February’s report will  certainly look a lot different from what we have seen in the past.  This is all history now. If  anyone has questions on the January financials, I will answer them. Motion to approve by Morgan Miller and seconded by Robert Smith.  APPROVED by show  of hands. COMMITTEE REPORTS:  Future Planning Committee: Comment:   Pastor Ron:   Last summer, the Future Planning Committee presented  recommendations to the church, in terms of the new property, for the development of an  Upward soccer field for the children’s ministry and a walking trail that would go around the area of the new property for our members.  The church unanimously approved this last  year.   The Future Planning Committee has been working on that.  Shortly after that, within  a few months, the Lord provided by generous givers of the church, about $9,000 or $10,000  to develop the land.  Not only did the Lord give us the land, but He also gave us money to  develop the soccer field.  Jack Rasmussen presented progress reports on the soccer field  and the walking path. Presentation Report:  Jack Rasmussen.  I would like to go over and cover some of the things that we have done so far and what we will be able to do within the next few months.  1. The land has been cleared.  There was a lot of work done by church members using  their equipment.  2. The walking trail was dug, mulch applied and it is now in walking condition. 3. Another thing we decided to try is to use the glazed, brown cement tiles which were on  top of the Butler Chapel.  We are going to put the Ten Commandments, one on each  tile and put them around the perimeter of that walkway so you can read the Ten  Commandments.  Time Line for the next few months: 1. We will have to have a well dug for the soccer fields.   15 March, 2012, we will have our well dug.  It is a four inch (4”) well, being able to supply all the water we will need for  our sprinkler system. 2. 30 March, 2012, we are going to install the Ten Commandments on the tiles around the walkway. 3. 01 April, 2012, we are going to install the sprinkler system. 4. 10 April, 2012, hopefully, we should be able to lay the sod for the soccer field so it has  time to grow.  I think Ron Pouilot said he would like to start Upward soccer 01 August,  2012. We were provided with $10,000 at beginning of this project and presently we have about  $9,400 left.  I have tentatively looked at all the things that we have to do and we will have  an excess of about $1,000 to $2,000 left over.  We are going to be well within budget. NEW BUSINESS:  Comment:  Pastor Ron:  Last month at the business meeting we determined and voted to  go ahead and make sure that these revisions to the by-laws were presented here tonight so  that the church can officially approve them.  Donna Goldsby worked with the By-laws  Committee and will present and field any questions that you might have. Presentation:  Donna Goldsby:  As you are aware, this was a long- and drawn-out process  which is why it took so long.  I think it has been a couple of years.  One of the biggest  problems was that the document itself was no longer in a computer.  I typed the original  document and it was in my computer when I retired.  About a year or so after I retired my  computer crashed so everything I had on there was gone.  It had never been put back into  the computers until this By-laws Committee started its work.  That was one big problem. If you have a copy of the by-laws document, you will notice that there are some dark places in it.  The reason it is dark is because it was highlighted in pink on the original copy so that you could see which part of it we wanted to bring attention to.  That is why it looks dark.  If  you want copies later on without the dark spots in it, they will be made available to you in  the office. All the dark, highlighted spots in the by-laws document itself have been  presented at a business meeting, approved and voted on.  The other sheet shows changes which still need to be considered and presented for  approval.  They are all the recommendations that were made and were never approved at a  business meeting.  This double-sided page shows all the items that were spoken about,  presented or recommended at a business meeting but had not been voted on by the  church.  John Bonelli:  There is a copy of the by-laws on the computer.  They are on the Myrtle  Grove Baptist Church web site.  Questions on Revisions:  Donna Goldsby:  The reason we didn’t use the copy that was on the web page was because  there were no page numbers.  The committee when they were working had to have a copy  with page numbers so we could refer to which part of the document on which we were  working. John Bonelli:  When we vote on this are we voting item by item or is it as a package?  Donna Goldsby:  Whatever you all want to do  Mitch Davis:  What reason is it to vote on this part of it at all?  It has already been voted on. Donna Goldsby:  We are not voting on that.  We are voting on just this page.  That has  already been accepted and it is in the document. Pastor Ron:  Just on the revisions. Chuck Keistler:  I want to commend the committee for the work that they have done and  for all the committees.  They work very hard.  One thing that I see here is that probably  communications was lost somewhere along the way.  I am making a recommendation for  an amendment on the document itself.  Well actually, it is on the revision because under  the revision it mentions that the Budget and Finance Committees were combined and that  was in 2004.  On the document we have an Accounting Committee that is actually an ad hoc committee; however, those duties are being performed by the Budget and Finance  Committee monthly.  They are meeting monthly to insure the sound procedures are  instituted for receiving, accounting, and depositing, recording, disbursing and reporting gifts to the church.  They work with the Treasurer, the Financial Secretary, and the Counting  Committee. This is basically being done by the Budget and Finance Committee for which we  should be thankful because it has helped us through since 2008 and we started about two  years early.  As a matter of fact, in 2002 it was recommended that the Accounting  Committee come up with accounting procedures for the church, which was never done.   The Budget and Finance Committee did do it.  It was approved by the church summer  before last.  I am recommending to the church that we include those duties from the  Accounting Committee in with the Budget and Finance Committee.  Pastor Ron:  So in other words, do away with the Accounting Committee because it is  already being handled by the Budget and Finance Committee.  Chuck Keistler:  Yes.  And also if we look at the list of committees, it is not even on the list  of committees anymore.  Since those duties will continue to be done in written form by the  Budget and Finance Committee, I am recommending to the church that this committee’s  duties be included with the duties of the Budget and Finance Committee.  Pastor Ron: The recommendation from Chuck is that on page16 of the document where the  Accounting Committee is listed to remove that committee because it is no longer needed  since those responsibilities are currently being handled by the Budget and Finance  Committee.  Jean Davis:  Are you saying that the Counting Committee that now does the deposits and  counts the money will not a functioning committee?  Pastor Ron:  No, the Accounting Committee.  Not the Counting Committee.  We need a  second on that recommendation from Chuck.  Okay, seconded by Tony McFarlane.   APPROVED by show of hands.  Reading from the “changes still to be considered and presented for approval”, John Bonelli  stated:  In the event that a church member must serve on more than one committee,  because of a pressing need of the church, he/she shall not serve on more than two (2)  committees at the same time and shall not chair either of those two (2) committees.  I think  that what I am trying to ask in this is that you cannot serve on more than two committees  or you should not serve on more than two committees?  Donna Goldsby:  I don’t really know.  When I was serving on Committee-on-Committees,  we had a hard time getting people to serve.  This was brought up at the By-laws Committee  meeting in conjunction with Shelia’s motion about not having paid employees to serve on  strategic committees.  To me it means that if a we cannot get people to serve in open  positions on committees, and someone else is willing to fill that position, and is already  serving on another committee that it should be allowed—but not more than two.  John Bonelli:  Would it actually be that they cannot serve on more than two?  Donna Goldsby:  Right.  John Bonelli:  Okay, as long as it is worded that way and not should not serve on more than  two committees.  Donna Goldsby:  Shall not serve on more than two committees at the same time and shall  not chair either of those committees.  John Bonelli:  Regarding Article E on the back page, I have no idea of what that really  means.  It doesn’t even say what committee a person should be on under the point  committee, unless it is the By-laws Committees.  Donna Goldsby:  Read from Item E regarding the recommendation of appointing a point  person.  “We recommend that the Myrtle Grove Baptist Church consider electing a point  person from the committee who would be a contact person for other committee  chairpersons to call on for counsel and advice, with a backup person from the committee as well.” Note:   Bonnie Quinley:   (Donna verbally inserted the words By-laws Committee.) John Bonelli:  It doesn’t say that.  It says from the committee.  Donna Goldsby:  It is a recommendation of the By-laws Committee.  John Bonelli:  The By-laws Committee is an ad hoc committee which is done away with.  Donna Goldsby:  Right.  When they are done, they disband.  There is no permanent,  standing ad hoc committee. John Bonelli:  So where would your point person come from?  Donna Goldsby:  I think it would be a member of the church who is well versed in the by-  laws and legal procedures of the church. John Bonelli:  There are three documents that caused a lot of confusion with this whole  process:   (1) you have the by-laws, which are by-laws, (2) you have a church policy  document, which are policies, and (3) you have the charter.  Some place along the way  these were all combined into one, stapled together document.  If you read the charter, it is  different from the by-laws, which are different from the church policies. Donna Goldsby:  The committee that worked on the by-laws before this present committee  decided to put everything into one document.  So that is why it is there and never been  changed. Bonnie Quinley:  I think that on the policies that our committee discussed and agreed to  have a policies and procedures manual which would be separate to from the by-laws.  It  would be like an addendum to the by-laws but it would not be a part of the body of the by-  laws.  We would have it behind the by-laws and tabbed according to the difference  procedures. Donna Goldsby:  I think that way would be easier to change one part of the by-laws, like  one of the policy statements rather than having to change the whole document.  Chuck Keistler:  As far as the point person, I feel this is an excellent idea. The present by-  laws committee had to go through all the business meetings where people brought things  up and it wasn’t done properly.  That is no one’s fault; it just happened.  One way for this to happen is to have the By-laws Committee become a standing committee and just meet as  necessary when someone brings up an issue that would cause a change in the by-laws.  The committee could meet and review it and present it to the church as necessary.  We would  not have to go back through years and years of changes to bring it up to date.  It could be  current all the time by having it as a standing committee. Then we could have a point  person from their committee or someone go to through and recommend the change.  They  could review it and bring it to the church. Robert Smith:  I would like very much to get through this document and then we have  some business.  I don’t know how you want to handle it but we were visited very early in  our working on this document by an attorney who offered to give us free counsel and help  us revise our by-laws to the extent that we would be able to protect ourselves from any  type of racial or whatever other type of law suit.  Many of the things in our by-laws have  not addressed twenty or thirty issues which might come up.  It is my opinion that we need  to get though with what we have.  We are simply approving what has already been  approved like Chuck said earlier.  Then I would recommend, as soon as possible, another  committee be formed and immediately go back through and clean this thing up.  We were  not tasked with that.  This committee that we just got through with were not told to clean it  up.  It was just simply bringing all those motions that had been approved, not correctly, but I don’t know how else to say it.  This is just bringing it up to date.  The committee that we  just got through with, we were very careful not to make any changes because that was not  our job.  The new committee needs to go back through and do that and take care of all the  other clean-up things.  This is my opinion and I don’t think that we need a motion on that  because the committee-on-committees or someone needs to appoint that ad hoc  committee and not talk about doing a full-time by-laws committee at this point. Pastor Ron:  So Robert do you want to form that into a motion now to send that to the   committee-on-committees to form an ad hoc committee?  Would you like to form that into  a motion? Robert Smith:  I move that we form a new by-laws committee with the task of cleaning up  the existing by-laws and add things that we know need to be added in reference to  protecting our corporation from frivolous lawsuits or whatever might come up.  Also they  should address issues like things that have changed instead of just saying deacons through the document, also include yokefellows.  They need to address the other issues that have  been brought up.  Motion by Robert Smith and seconded by Ron Lowe.  APPROVED by  show of hands. Pastor Ron:  Back to the revisions.  We need to vote on revised by-laws.  APPROVED by  show of hands. OLD BUSINESS:  None  ANNOUNCEMENTS:  ADJOURNMENT:  Motion to Adjourn by and seconded by.  APPROVED by show of hands.  ________________________________               ________________________________  Bonnie Quinley, Church Clerk     Ron Lentine, Moderator