MYRTLE GROVE BAPTIST CHURCH 5920 Lillian Highway, Pensacola, FL 32506 – 850-455-7389 MINUTES OF THE REGULAR BUSINESS MEETING ON January 18, 2012 The regular business meeting was held on January 18, 2012 at 6:00pm.  The meeting was held in the worship center and was opened in prayer. CLERK’S BUSINESS:  Bonnie Quinley presented the minutes of the December 14, 2011, Regular Business Meeting as printed in the January Business Meeting package.  Motion to approve by Jack Windley and seconded by Chuck Keistler.   APPROVED by show of hands.  Requests for letters of church membershipfor December:  Profession of Faith:  John Schoppert Statement:   Jo Lynn Blaylock Letter:  Gary Whip Motion to approve by Bill Crouch and seconded by Chuck Keistler.  APPROVED by show of hands.  TREASURER’S REPORT:  Shelia Ward presented the Financial Report for December in printed form. Motion to approve by Donna Goldsby and seconded by Chuck Keistler.  APPROVED  by show of hands.  Comment:  Shelia Ward:  This will be the last month you will see two formats.  We will move into our new format as we agreed to use from the Finance Committee and have shown for the last three months.  You won’t see the recreation, personnel, or miscellaneous categories.  They will be integrated into the various ministries.  As a result of the pledge campaign that the pastor led back in October I look back in October, November and December and we actually came out ahead with $13,655 excess over our expenses.  Question:  Kay Reed:  In the State Missions offering, I see that we still have a balance of $4,126.61.  This offering was in September 2011.  Has it been paid? Question:  Shelia Ward:  What was the category?  Answer:  Kay Reed:  State Missions.  That was in September and we should have already sent it in. Answer:  Shelia Ward:  No, it has not been paid.  Cami, could you answer this question?  Answer: Cami Simmons:  That has been paid, Kay.  It will be on the January financials. COMMITTEE REPORTS:  None OLD BUSINESS:  Neil Thorsen:  I would like to begin by saying that if anything I say on any subject in this meeting offends anyone, I would like to apologize to them because I don’t intend to do that. By-Laws:  On September 8, 2010 (16 months age) on behalf of our Keenaagers, I wrote a letter to the chairman of the deacons with a copy to our minister of education and administration regarding a recommendation for a change to the church by-laws.  I was told that the timing was good because the by-laws committee was working on updating them at that time.  As of this date, as far as I know, the revised, updated by-laws have not been presented to the church for approval.  I would like to recommend that, at the next business meeting, the by-laws committee provide the church members with a progress report, a deadline date that we can expect to be able to vote on the updated by-laws and receive of copy of same.  Response:  Pastor Ron:  Thank you Neil, we will send that to the by-laws committee and have that report ready for next month.  Comment:  Mitch Davis:  I served on the by-laws committee.  We finished our work.  It was submitted to the deacons for their approval and as far as I know, that is as far as it has gone.  The deacons  haven’t taken any action on it.  Comment:  John Bonelli: It was approved through the deacons. Question:  Pastor Ron: So we do have the final draft so we can make copies to present to the church?  Answer:  After another ad hoc committee is formed so they can do it because that is what the by-laws say.  That is just a formality but we can get it done in the next month.  Comment:  Pastor Ron:  Okay, if the by-laws have been approved, we will take that final draft, make copies and have them available for the church.  Comment:  Bonnie Quinley:  I was chairman of the by-laws committee when we presented them to the deacons committee.  We were not advised that the deacons committee had approved the changes.  We have not seen anything back from the deacons committee to the by-laws committee.  I would like to see a copy of the final draft before it is submitted to the church for approval. Comment:  Pastor Ron:  We will get that to you first so you, and if the committee wishes, may review it.  With the deacons approval, we will go ahead and make copies available for our members. Comment:  John Bonelli:  It is exactly what was submitted.  There were no changes. NEW BUSINESS:  Neil Thorsen: The Pensacola News Journal (PNJ) offers a free ad in each Saturday’s paper regarding church information and events.  It would need to reference a special sermon, speaker, or event.  (Event could be, “The children’s choir will be singing.”)  I would like to make a motion that our minister of worship be given the responsibility to see that this information be submitted to the PNJ.  Comment:  Pastor Ron:  We surely will, Brother Neil.  In fact, we have information going in there for this weekend for our Courageous movie.  We are going to be pumping that, not only in the free announcements but also on Channel 3, and we will have a paid ad in the “Weekender”.  Choir Robes:  I have had several discussions with some of our church members (some choir members) regarding this matter.  There is a major emphasis right now to increase our choir membership by 15 to 20 people.  I would like to make a recommendation that our choir members begin wearing the robes in the Sunday morning 10:30am blended worship service.  Recommendation seconded by Robert Smith. Recommendation:  Pastor Ron:  I think it is important as an insertion here, that before we make a decision to have an opportunity for the choir members themselves  to weigh in on that.  It wouldn’t be fair to vote on something and not have the choir members present.  I think that for something of this nature, which would radically affect the choir members, we should allow the members to have a chance to share their opinion.  We can discuss it, but in all fairness, I think we should hold off until we let them have a chance to speak.  Comment:  Chuck Keistler:  Everyone probably knows that we are working on building the choir.  When we went to two services, it took some of the people out of the choir because they enjoy going to the first service for the different style of music.  The preaching is the same.  It is God’s word and the truth.  I know that in order to get more people in the choir for the second service, one of the things just started this past Sunday is to have some of those people who go to the first service to sing in the choir for the second service.  After the special, the choir comes down so some can go to their Sunday school classes and others may join the second service.  It would be difficult if they were in robes for them to come down to join the preaching service and for others to leave to go to their Sunday school classes.  Comment:  Pastor Ron:  I think we should hold off until choir members can be present.  It is not the robe that makes the worship.  I understand the place of the robe and hear the hearts of the ones who share that.  It is really the condition of one’s heart.  So as God speaks to the hearts in our worship, I think we are going to see an exciting surge in our worship and our choir as well.  Comment:  Sherry Ware:  I say this for informational purposes only.  I think Dick will be able to speak on behalf of the choir after it is discussed.  The only reason the robes are not worn all the time is that it is too hot.  We have lights on us all the time.  There are many people in the choir, mostly the older generation, who fan themselves all the time.  The robes are very heavy and don’t let the air breathe through and it is very uncomfortable.  That is the only reason we have not been wearing the robes as much.  It is not that we don’t appreciate those who donated to purchase the robes or that we don’t like the robes.  Dick will be able to speak to that, I think, and give you a general consensus.   Comment:  Burt Lampley:  I don’t have a lot to say about this, but if you have ever worn one of those robes and sat under those lights; it gets hot and I sweat fiercely up there.  Comment:  Kay Reed:  Usually, you don’t see choirs in churches without their robes.  Why don’t we try to find out how to put air up there for them so they can wear the robes on Sunday morning?  Another thing, I kind of think that it takes away from the service when the choir comes down.  I have heard people say, "Where did the choir go?"  Comment:  Pastor Ron.  What we will do now is to take this into consideration and come back and let the choir present various reasons themselves on that issue.  Is that okay, Brother Neil? Comment:  Neil Thorsen: Sure, there have been several people with whom I discussed this who felt that we should express how we feel about it.  So, I am getting it on the record.  Church Council Meetings:  Neil Thorsen:  It has been several years since the church has held “church council meetings”.  Several department heads might have some input in the upcoming issues as well as being informed as to what is planned for the church.  I would recommend that the pastor and the staff consider having these meetings again in the future. Comment:  Pastor Ron:  We will certainly take a good look at that and bring it to our leadership from the various organizations.   If they would like to have a meeting, I would be happy to facilitate that. Church Website:   Neil Thorsen:  I think that we have an exceptionally well organized website and webmaster.  The webmaster, I think, does a fantastic job for the amount of hours that it takes to keep our website up and for the amount of work that goes into it.  I think John should be commended on that.  I am not being critical of our webmaster and if I offend him in any way I want to apologize up front.  However, I have noticed lately that there are several areas on our site that are not up to date.  Some examples of what I am referring to are: -The minutes of our monthly meetings -The account summary report last entered was May 2011 -The 2012 budget has not been added -The “in memory of” has one or more names such as Eddie Price not shown. -There is nothing about the 2010 Upward basketball.  -The Keenagers meeting pictures have not been updated since June 2011. -The name of our committee has changed a couple of times and does not show the current      members -Future events are not listed Comment:  Neil Thorsen: I would like to suggest that if our webmaster needs some help with the work load to keep the site up to date that the church find him some help.  Comment:  John Bonelli:  I quit smoking back in July and what that has to do with the website is that most of the time where I did all the kinds of things that I do is where I used to smoke.  Only in the last two or three weeks have I gotten attuned to being able to go back there and not want to grab thirteen cartons of cigarettes from the Tom Thumb on the way home.  In addition to that, we are totally revamping.  A lot of old stuff, in my opinion, is historical in nature.  There are a lot of areas that are exactly like Neil said.  They are out of date, not up to date, if you would.  The other aspect of that is that it is being reworked.  We are revamping the site page by page.  One important aspect of it is that it is an ongoing, changing and evolving thing.  There is stale information.  There is action information.  There are interaction pages.  When you don’t get the information for the source, you can’t make it up—such as the financial records and things of that nature.  We are going to bring it up to date and then bring up the past.  I can’t catch up the past and do the current at the same time.  There are not enough hours in the day.  When Don McMillian did these years ago, I asked him to help him.   He said no.  I never understood whey he said no until I started doing it.  People can supply all the information they want.  That is needed.  I asked one of the ministers the other day for something in his area of ministry that is newer than 2001. He sent me something and all this will be updated.  ANNOUNCEMENTS:  None ADJOURNMENT:  Motion to Adjourn by Ron Lowe and seconded by Richard Main.  APPROVED by show of hands.          ________________________________                          ________________________________         Bonnie Quinley, Church Clerk,     Ron Lentine, Moderator